I’m a software developer specializing in Apple and iOS development. Ive been working solely on iOS applications for the past 8 years, and I’ve been working in software development for over 20 years. I am currently Senior iOS Developer at Sensium Healthcare Systems, a UK medical firm that has developed and delivered a patch device that monitors patient health in hospitals.

In recent years I have been Senior iOS Developer at LegalZoom, a law firm specializing in various personal services such as home sales and will making. I was Senior iOS Developer at Vistair Systems, creating various iPad apps as part of their suite of solutions for the aircraft industry. I was also Senior iOS Developer at The Virtual Forge, leading the app development on various applications for their clients.

Before working in iOS Development, I enjoyed 12 years working in the videogames industry. I was Design Director at Monumental Games, a large developer based in Nottingham, for over five years. At its peak Monumental had over 100 staff in 3 studios, and I managed a substantial team of designer developers, responsible for titles such as MotoGP 09/10, on XBox and PS3. Before that I started my videogame development career at Climax Racing in Brighton (later renamed to Black Rock) working on titles such as the rally game Race of Champions, the original MotoGP for XBox, and Hotwheels Stunttrack Challenge for PS3.

When not developing software I like making music, walking, woodwork, and gardening. Ive also recently taken to Arduino and Im attempting to build a robot.